Here you can change all your CITES passwords.


Change Your Passwords

If you know your NetID password or your AD password, you can log in here and change any of your CITES passwords.

Log in with your NetID and password

Forgot your NetID password?

If you forgot your NetID password but have previously set your security questions, you can log in with your questions and then reset your password.

Log in with your security questions

If you have not yet set your security questions, see the following page for more information:

What to Do If You've Forgotten Your NetID Password


Manage Your Security Questions

Here you can set and change your security questions, which you can use later if you forget your NetID password.

Set and Manage Your Security Questions

You need to know your NetID password to manage your security questions.



For more help with your CITES passwords, contact the CITES Help Desk: